How To Get Kids to Wear Hi Vis Vests

by Brian French on Jul 17, 2023

How To Get Kids to Wear Hi Vis Vests

Encouraging kids to wear a high visibility vest can be done by emphasizing the importance of safety and making it fun and engaging. Here are some ways to encourage kids to wear high visibility vests:

Explain the purpose:
Clearly explain to kids why wearing a high visibility vest is important. Teach them about road safety and how the vest helps make them more visible to drivers, cyclists, and other pedestrians. Emphasize that it's a proactive step to keep them safe.

Lead by example:
Set a good example by wearing a high visibility vest yourself when engaging in outdoor activities with kids. Children are more likely to adopt behaviors when they see adults practicing them consistently.

Make it a routine:
Incorporate wearing a high visibility vest into the routine preparation for the outing. For example, make it a habit to put on the vest before assembling for the excursion. Consistency and repetition can help establish the habit.

Personalize the vest:
Allow kids to choose their own high visibility vest in their favourite colour or with a design they like. Having your school logo or group identity will help them feel they belong to the team. Choosing a colour is a balance between your school colours and the highest visibility possible. Adding a touch of personalization can make wearing the vest more appealing and encourage ownership.

Turn it into a game:
Make wearing a high visibility vest a fun activity. Create games or challenges where kids can earn points or rewards for wearing the vest consistently. For example, they can earn stickers or small treats each time they remember to put it on.

Educate through activities:
Engage kids in educational activities that highlight the importance of visibility and safety. This could include colouring pages or crafts related to high visibility vests or road safety. These activities can reinforce the message and make it more enjoyable.
One exercise may be to split them into two groups and let each group see how much more easily they can be seen from a distance with the vests.

Remember to provide positive reinforcement and praise when kids remember to wear their high visibility vests. Celebrate their efforts and make it a collaborative effort to prioritize their safety.